Privilege Program

Welcome to the Perfect Auto Body Privilege Program

Our premium stress free accident repair service

Member Benefits – Help when accidents occur.
If you are in an accident while driving your Vehicle we will provide the following benefits:-

(1) Insurance Claims Management

We will manage on your behalf any claim for insurance made by you. You will simply need to execute our Insurance Authority Form and provide us with all relevant information.

(2) Mercedes-Benz Replacement Vehicle

If your insurance policy includes motor vehicle rental cover or a third party is found to be at fault, we will provide you with priority access to one of our 50 current model Mercedes-Benz rental vehicles (subject to availability) or, on some third party claims, a rental vehicle from a third party provider .
If your insurance policy does not include motor vehicle rental cover and a third party is found not to be at fault, we will provide you with a current model Mercedes Benz rental vehicle at 35% off the usual retail rate.

(3) 24-hour Dedicated Accident Assistance

If you require accident assistance, you can call the Perfect Auto Body toll free assistance number printed on your Loyalty Card: 1800 807 088. An operator will guide you through the process of obtaining the details of the other parties to the accident and will arrange transportation for you and/ or towing for your Vehicle.

(4) Vehicle Collection Service

We will pick up your damaged Vehicle from your home or office free of charge if in the metropolitan area.

(5) Cabcharge Vouchers

If, after delivering your damaged Vehicle to us, you require transportation back to Sydney’s central business district by taxi we will provide you with a Cabcharge voucher up to the value of $50.

(6) Valet Service – Sydney Airport

If you are catching a flight within business hours, you can drop off your damaged Vehicle and we will arrange transportation to Sydney Airport for you. If one of our vehicles is not available we will arrange for a rental car to perform this service.

(7) Valet Service – Your Insurance Company

If the insurer of your Vehicle needs to inspect your Vehicle at their repair assessment centre we will organise to have your Vehicle taken there and returned to us.

(8) Valet Service – Mercedes-Benz Dealers

If your Vehicle requires servicing while we are repairing it, at your request we will arrange for it to be transported to your preferred Mercedes-Benz service dealer for servicing (provided it is within the metropolitan area) and returned to us for your collection.

Quality Assurance

(9) Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts

At Perfect Auto Body we guarantee that we use only genuine Mercedes-Benz parts. Because Mercedes-Benz parts are engineered and manufactured to stringent Mercedes Standards, they have an exact fit and are of exceptional quality. They will ensure the premium performance of your Mercedes Benz vehicle. More importantly, they ensure that the legendary Mercedes-Benz safety is not compromised.

(10) State of the Art Repair Facility

Our state of the art repair facility was purpose built and is equipped with only Mercedes-Benz Equipment. It utilises factory approved paint and dedicated jig repair benches which have been developed exclusively for Mercedes Benz vehicles. This ensures all repairs are made with the ac- curacy of the original assembly line.

(11) Factory-trained Technicians

Our factory trained technicians have over 20 years’ experience focused solely on fixing Mercedes-Benz vehicles. They have received specialised training and have developed advanced repair skills so repairs to your Vehicle’s paintwork and body are performed with precision, commitment and care.

(12) Mercedes-Benz Diagnostic Services

On completion of any repairs to your Vehicle, we will connect it to the Mercedes-Benz Diagnostic Computer to ensure that all your Vehicle’s operations are fully enabled.

(13) Vehicle Detailing and Leather Trim Conditioning

We can organise a full and complete detail of your Vehicle, including the interior and leather conditioning, by our team of dedicated detailing technicians who have many years of experience in paint and interior detailing.

(14) Mercedes-Benz Paint and Panel Warranty Claims

Because we are a Mercedes Benz paint and panel dealer we can do all paint and panel warranty claims on your behalf internally. We have direct access to, and a warranty facility with, Mercedes-Benz Australia. This means there is no need to access external dealers.

(15) Costs Savings on Dent Repairs

Perfect Auto Body has trained technicians who use special techniques to push out certain dents on the panels of your Vehicle’s body without disturbing the paintwork. This could save you thousands of dollars in remedying minor depressions.

(16) Permaguard Paint Protection

We use Permaguard paint protection. With Permaguard’s reactive polymer film permanently bonded to your Vehicle’s paintwork, you have the best protection technology commercially available and the benefit of an unrivalled depth of colour and gloss.

(17) Lifetime Warranty

We warrant the repairs to the body and paint work of your vehicle for the lifetime that you own the vehicle, subject to the terms of, and any exclusions in, Mercedes Benz’ parts warranty and the paint manufacturers’ guarantees on their products.