Accident Assistance

Unfortunately, accidents happen. Fortunately we’re here to help.

Download our Accident Report Card

The Perfect Auto Body Privilege Program is our premium stress free accident repair service.

From the time we receive your call until your Mercedes-Benz is returned to you, rebuilt to Mercedes-Benz exacting standards, we’ll take care of everything. From getting you home, collecting your damaged vehicle, dealing with your insurance company to providing you with a Mercedes rental vehicle and repairing your car.

At the time of an accident, it is important to have someone to assist you through the process of having your Mercedes-Benz repaired.

Perfect Auto Body offer comprehensive assistance, with one of our client relation managers to help simplify the process and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Quite often, it may be the first time that you have had to make a motor insurance claim, and knowing that our team is ready to answer your questions and assist you through the process can only add to your peace of mind.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen – so we suggest that you print a copy of our accident report card to keep handy in your car to ensure you capture all the neccessary details if the need arises.