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  • Q. Are genuine Mercedes-Benz parts really necessary to maintain the quality and integrity of my Mercedes-Benz vehicle?
    A. Genuine parts are the only replacement parts for your vehicle manufactured, tested and approved by Mercedes-Benz and designed to the exacting specifications of each particular Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Anything less could compromise the performance and value of your vehicle.
  • Q. How do genuine Mercedes-Benz parts differ from generic brands?
    A. All genuine Mercedes-Benz parts must pass quality control checks for unsurpassed safety and reliability. All sheet metal parts are made from the correct grade of steel or aluminium, which have undergone a specific zincro-plating treatment for corrosion resistance, and (unlike many non-original parts) are engineered to precise genuine Mercedes-Benz standards. Many generic parts do not adhere to the same high standards for quality, fit, dependability and performance.
  • Q. Do I have the right to request genuine Mercedes-Benz parts be used in my repair work?
    A. Yes, you have that right, and you should exercise it. Your insurance company may not recommend genuine Mercedes-Benz parts because generic parts may cost less. So make your request loud and clear. Even if generic parts are used, you can request that the replacement parts are equal to genuine Mercedes-Benz parts. Contact your insurance for more information.
  • Q. What about warranty coverage?
    A. All genuine Mercedes-Benz parts are backed by the Mercedes-Benz 12 month warranty. Some generic parts may not offer the same protection, which could result in added costs to you if the part fails.
  • Q. By using genuine Mercedes-Benz parts will my vehicle be safer?
    A. Constant quality control checks provide unparalleled safety and reliability. And genuine Mercedes-Benz parts are critical to helping your vehicle maintain the manufacturer-specified safety benefits it had when new.

Keep it new: Insist on genuine Mercedes-Benz parts.


Every genuine part has been designed to the exacting specifications for each particular Mercedes-Benz vehicle, and must pass constant quality-control checks, helping to ensure that each Mercedes-Benz remains as safe and reliable as the day it first went on the road.


Restoring your Mercedes-Benz using parts originally designed by the factory for it helps maintain manufacturer-specified safety benefits it had when new.


Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts are the only collision repair parts protected by a two year warranty.

Precise Fit

Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts are engineered and manufactured to stringent Mercedes-Benz standards for a precise, just-like-new fit.

Genuine Materials

Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts are made from high-grade aluminium or quality composite materials. Each sheet metal part receives specific treatment to resist corrosion.

Investment Protection

Imitation parts can compromise your vehicle. With genuine Mercedes-Benz parts, you get all the craftsmanship, performance, precision and value of Mercedes-Benz.