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Unfortunately, accidents happen. Fortunately we’re here to help.

What is different about an authorised Mercedes-Benz Autobody Repairer?
In a word, everything. While accidents are upsetting, it helps to know authorised Mercedes-Benz Autobody Repairers are uniquely qualified to restore your Mercedes-Benz to its pre-accident condition.

Unlike other repairers, authorised Mercedes-Benz Autobody Repairers provide you with the security of knowing that your repair experience will be seamless. Only authorised Mercedes-Benz Autobody Repairers provide the right parts, the right equipment and the right people.

The Right Parts

Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts maintain an exact fit and exceptional standard of quality, while ensuring the precise craftsmanship and premium performance of your Mercedes-Benz.

The Right Equipment

Mercedes-Benz approved equipment includes tools, parts, paints as well as a dedicated fixture bench. The fixture bench has been developed exclusively from Mercedes-Benz vehicle blueprints so that repairs are made with assembly line accuracy.

The Right People

Our highly qualified technicians have advanced skills and training to ensure that repairs to the paintwork and body are performed with the utmost precision, commitment and care.