Unfortunately, accidents happen. Fortunately we’re here to help.

Although no one can predict if or when an accident might occur, you can be assured that authorised Mercedes-Benz Autobody Repairers exist for one purpose – to bring your Mercedes-Benz back to its pre-accident condition.

Specially equipped and uniquely devoted to restoring your Mercedes-Benz to its original beauty and condition, authorised Mercedes-Benz Autobody Repairers will ensure your vehicle will be restored the right way with genuine Mercedes-Benz parts, with Mercedes-Benz approved equipment, and with the high level of expertise you deserve.

What does being an authorised Autobody Repairer really mean?

To be authorised by Mercedes-Benz, Autobody Repairers must undergo extensive auditing, rigorous training and must meet or exceed standards in the following areas:

  • Tools and Facilities
  • Training and Repair Procedures
  • Equipment and Customer Care

Authorised Autobody Repairers have clear advantages:

  • A specialised commitment to craftsmanship, precision and quality
  • Genuine Parts keep your warranty intact
  • Precision fit from people who know your vehicle
  • Ensure your safety